For your midsummer gift, choose meat from EL ZION gourmet!

Midsummer gift is decided by meat gift!

The season for midsummer gifts has arrived.
At a time when it is difficult to meet people due to the coronavirus pandemic, why not give a meat gift as a way to express your daily gratitude?

How about a gift that will make the recipient think ``I'm happy!'' ``It's delicious!'' ``Wow!''

Here, we recommend:
We will introduce meat that is perfect for midsummer gifts.

  • Why is meat a good gift?

A very popular meat gift for midsummer and year-end gifts. There are many people who are happy when they receive delicious meat. Sukiyaki, Yakiniku, Steak, Shabu Shabu. There are many ways to eat it. As a gift, if you send meat that is a step higher than usual, the recipient will often be happy. Enjoy a little extravagant luxury at home.

  • Why order meat at EL ZION?

We have been delivering a variety of gifts as gift professionals since 1988 .
The meat selected by us, who are gift professionals, is enjoyed by many who receive it. We purchase meat with the ``professional eyes'' of craftsmen who have been involved in the meat industry for many years, and use ``professional cuts of meat'' to cut the meat to suit the way you eat it. We deliver the meat using professional techniques that are also used at high-end members-only yakiniku restaurants.
In addition, we always provide fresh meat that is grade 4 or above. The meat is fresh and frozen, so it tastes delicious.

[For Sukiyaki]

Sukiyaki meat is the most popular gift.
A higher-grade dining table where you can enjoy the extraordinary.

●National Wagyu Beef Competitive Exhibition Overall Winner Beef Eating Comparison Miyazaki Beef/Kagoshima Black Beef Eating Comparison Set for Shoulder Loin Sukiyaki Total 400G Grade 4 or above

A set that compares the chuck loin of Kagoshima black beef and Miyazaki beef, which won a competition called the Wagyu Olympics.

Miyazaki prefecture black beef cutlet/belly sukiyaki tasting comparison set, total 280G, grade 4 or higher

A great value set where you can taste and compare the roses. Reliable grade 4 or higher!


Enjoy a luxurious steak at home.

Miyazaki Prefecture Black Beef Chuck Eye One Pound Steak 454G Grade 4 or higher

Chuck I One Pound Steak.
Try the 454g piece of meat!

【Grilled meat】

Kagoshima black beef Sankaku (upper ribs) for yakiniku 600G grade 4 or higher

"King of Kalbi" Sankaku's only Yakiniku meat.


The refreshing taste is also recommended as a summer gift!

Miyazaki beef shoulder loin shabu-shabu 400G grade 4 or higher

What do you think?
Summer holidays. Give the gift of meat as a summer gift when families often gather around the table! Of course, even if you live alone, it is difficult to eat out, so you can enjoy an extraordinary experience at home.
We also offer a variety of other meats.

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