A thin wallet with a comfortable back pocket CERVE×THINly

Are you having trouble with this?

  • I bought a small wallet, but it doesn't hold many cards so I don't use it anymore.
  • If you put your wallet in your back pocket, your silhouette will collapse.
  • My card broke when I squatted down with my wallet in my back pocket.

    Thin wallet CERVE×THINly can be placed in your back pocket

    We paid particular attention to "comfort and storage capacity."

    1. A new way to store cards vertically
    2. Even if you put 20 cards in it, the heat is only about 2 cm.
    3. Designed to hold cards, bills, and coins securely

    The details are explained on the following page.

    Thinly | Men's wallet with large capacity but comfortable in a thin butt pocket – ELZION

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