CAMPFIRE second round starts

Since we are self-restraint, let's enjoy some luxurious meat to the fullest

The second round of meat crowdfunding that we did last year has been decided!

3/19 10:00 - 4/16 23:59

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This time, as the opportunities to go out are decreasing and the opportunities for enjoyable meals that we used to have when eating out are decreasing, we would like to introduce a new way to enjoy the same meat that you used to eat when eating out at home. We launched this project.

In particular, we selected return items with the aim of ``eating delicious meat at home'' and with the desire to deliver excitement to those who supported us.

While there are many mail order sales, online sales, and various crowdfunding campaigns, we have selected parts that are usually difficult to obtain and made them into a set.

The professionals at our affiliated meat factory, which has a history of 57 years, carefully select the meat from among them, commercialize it with professional skills, and then deliver it to you.

Thank you for your continued support.