Clio blue pair watch

A pair watch that will keep time with you for a long time

Clio Blue is a silver accessory brand born in Paris on April 1, 1981.
April Fool's Day is said to have originated in France, and is said to be "Poisson d'vril". The motif is a kissing pair of fish, a nod to the date of its establishment, symbolizing romance and freedom.
ClioBlue has more than 500 stores in France, Europe, America, and Asia, and has been operating in Japan since the brand's early days.

Classic style with black letters on a white background on a crocodile embossed cowhide belt. The simple design with a retro feel makes it a piece that can be used for many years.
The kissing pair fish logo brings happiness to the couple, and is a watch that should be worn as a pair.

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