DIME (Shogakukan) FREUQUENT FLYER pilot backpack published!

Pilot backpacks from FREQUENT FLYER, a brand from HK, for which we are the exclusive agent in Japan.

Published in DIME (Shogakukan) May issue!

DIME May issue | Magazine | Shogakukan (shogakukan.co.jp)
96 pages

It has been selected for the "Spring Skilled Business Backpack" special feature.


Now on sale at Shogakukan Department Store!

Pilot Backpack: Shogakukan Department Store | Shogakukan official general mail order site LIFETUNES MALL (pal-shop.jp)

A brand born in Hong Kong, which has transformed into a huge metropolitan area.
The brand's philosophy is to take pride in "one's own city."
And “enthusiasm” and “motivation” to see the world.
That's why we design every detail with "daily commuting" and "travel" in mind.
The ZIP AROUND design, which becomes a single piece of cloth when all zippers are opened, is popular in various countries for its convenient storage.

This brand is attracting attention from many buyers in Europe and Asia.
The other day, I participated in a fashion exhibition called ``PROJECT'' held in Tokyo.

The characteristic ZIP AROUND design is
It is a rare fully open specification, and the feature is that the contents can be opened completely!
Since it becomes completely flat, it does not take up much space for storage when not in use.
You can also fold it up and put it in your trunk as a backpack while traveling!

Please buy a new one for your new life!


Purchase here

Purchase here

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