[innocent coffee] Picture drip coffee now on sale at Takashimaya, Kyoto!

99.9% decaffeinated coffee

We have started selling patterned drip coffee from ``inncoent coffee,'' a specialty decaf coffee company that has been delivering safe and secure decaf coffee to the world since 2015 .

The patterned drip coffee series is a new line based on the concept of ``delicious decaffeinated coffee that is also recommended as a gift .''

dog pattern series

Since 2015, innocent coffee's decaf service has had the motto of delivering safe and delicious coffee that even coffee lovers can appreciate.

innocent coffee's decaf is
・Uses fresh beans with 100% traceability ・Uses supercritical carbon dioxide removal method, a method that preserves the original flavor and aroma of the beans ・A roaster who has studied decaf for many years uses beans suitable for decaf I am.

We provide delicious coffee for people who want to avoid caffeine or who can't drink it .

The recently released "Picture Drip Coffee" series is

A drip coffee with cute animal designs printed on it.

This drip coffee is recommended not only as a gift but also for your home.

We also have 5 types of dog and cat series and gift sets available.

5 types each of dog and cat patterns

Dog 5pcs set 1,620 yen tax included Click here for online site

Cat 5pcs set 1,620 yen including tax Click here for online site

Dog pattern 10pcs set 3,240 yen tax included Click here for online site

Cat pattern 10pcs set 3,240 yen tax included Click here for online site

Now on sale at Takashimaya Kyoto store.

52 Nishiirimacho, Shijo-dori Kawaramachi, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8520

Now on sale near the bread corner in the food section (in front of Fauchon) on the first basement floor!

This coffee is recommended as a gift.

This coffee gift is recommended not only for women but also for men.

Please stop by!

Kyoto store contact TEL: 075-221-8811

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