Kagoshima black beef Sankaku (upper rib) for yakiniku 600g grade 4 or higher


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We won the ``Group Award'', which ranks as the overall winner (best in Japan), at the Wagyu Quality Evaluation Committee, which is called the National Wagyu Beef Competency Exhibition.
The winner of the 11th (2017) competition, Kagoshima Black Beef, is the top short rib.

King of Kalbi 600g of ribs made from the triangular ribs, known as the king of ribs.
Enjoy the rich flavor of well-marbled wagyu beef.

Ingredients: Beef Brand: Kagoshima Black Beef Grade: Grade 4 or higher Part: Sankaku (rose)
Contents: 600g
Use: For Yakiniku
Origin: Kagoshima Prefecture Delivery condition: Frozen (vacuum packed)
Best before date: 60 days frozen Packaging: Fully packaged
Delivery method: Yamato Transport (frozen delivery)