Kagoshima Black Beef Shoulder Loin Shabu Shabu 600g Grade 4 or above


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We won the ``Group Award'', which ranks as the overall winner (best in Japan), at the Wagyu Quality Evaluation Committee, which is called the National Wagyu Beef Competency Exhibition.
Shabu-shabu meat from the 11th (2017) tournament winner, Kagoshima Black Beef.

600g of "shoulder roast" recommended for shabu-shabu.

"Shoulder loin" is meat from the shoulder to the back of a cow. It is a popular cut for its tenderness and easy frosting, and the flavor of the fat. Meat with even marbling (fat) has a soft texture when you put it in your mouth, and retains its melty texture even when simmered.
We will deliver it according to the thickness suitable for shabu-shabu.

Ingredients: Beef Brand: Kagoshima Black Beef Grade: Grade 4 or higher Part: Shoulder loin Content: 600g
Use: For shabu-shabu
Origin: Kagoshima Prefecture Delivery condition: Frozen (vacuum packed)
Best before date: 60 days frozen Packaging: Fully packaged
Delivery method: Yamato Transport (frozen delivery)