Kagoshima Kurobuta pork loin for shabu-shabu 280g


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Kagoshima's black pork is a work of art. This meat is the result of repeated improvements in breed, feed, etc.
The muscle fibers in the meat are thin, so when you eat it, it's crisp and tender.
The meat is firm, so it's not watery and has a good flavor.
It's light but rich, so you can eat as much as you want.
It is very healthy as it contains a lot of protein and vitamin B1 which helps in recovering from fatigue.
Enjoy Kurobuta pork loin shabu-shabu with plenty of vegetables.

Ingredients: Pork Brand: Kagoshima Kurobuta Part: Loin Content: Approx. 280g
Use: For shabu-shabu
Origin: Kagoshima Prefecture Delivery condition: Frozen (vacuum packed)
Best before date: 60 days frozen Packaging: Fully packaged
Delivery method: Yamato Transport (frozen delivery)