Black leather Japanese men's wallet


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black crosspiece leather

Kuro Zan Kaku

The roots of black leather are said to date back to the Sengoku period.

Lacquered leather is difficult to cut with a blade, so it was used by military commanders.

There is evidence that it was used for the connecting parts of armor.

In modern times, it was used to decorate high-quality trunks used in kendo.

A fusion of Japan's "tanning technology" and "lacquering technology"

Himeji Kurozan Leather is now used to make wallets and accessories by taking advantage of its characteristics.

It is resistant to friction and is also called the [leather black diamond], and it looks like a small leather

It shines as if it were studded with diamonds.

"Tanning technology" that brings out the charm of natural leather

“Strict coating techniques that take advantage of the beauty of the leather’s finely grained surface”

It is a work of art created using two techniques.

Approximately W19 x H9 x D1.2cm

Weight: about 100g

Opening/closing part: Cover type

Billfold: 1 room

Card slot: 4 rooms

Pocket: Inside x 3

Country of origin: Japan

Material: Cowhide (steer, tanned, lacquered), cowhide (smooth, chrome tanned)

Comes with a vanity case