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CERVE is a total fashion brand created by Italian designer Anna Milazzo. From a young age, she showed talent in making handbags and won many prestigious awards. It is a brand that strives for elegance and gorgeous style, and is based on a luxurious Italian taste that blends into everyday life. CERVE means stag, and it has earned a reputation as a brand that is loved by everyone, combining the individuality and passion unique to an Italian brand, as well as the profoundness.

This is a business bag that can be used in a variety of business situations as it also has a shoulder function. It has a characteristic color scheme typical of a European brand.

Approximately W42 x H31 x D6cm

Handle height: approx. 12cm

Weight: approx. 530g

Opening/closing part: Zipper type


Inside open pocket x 1, zipper pocket x 1

Outside hook-and-loop pocket x 1

Removable length adjustable shoulder belt Size: approx. 72~128cm

Country of origin: China

Material: Polyester, synthetic leather