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Decaf drip bag set packaged in 1 piece each!

A drip bag with a cute dog pattern is recommended as a small gift.

Have fun handing them out one by one or having everyone choose their favorite pattern♪

Permanently on sale at Takashimaya Kyoto store basement food section!

Drip bags can be easily used in a variety of situations, including at home, in the office, and outdoors. Enjoy a luxurious cup of coffee on a busy morning or when relaxing before bed at night.

Caffeine is removed in Japan using a safe and secure method using supercritical carbon dioxide extraction, so anyone can enjoy it with confidence.

Reasons why we can recommend it with confidence

■ “Specialty coffee”, coffee beans with a specialized taste

Most methods lose their flavor due to decaf processing, but Innocent Coffee is processed in Japan and roasted by staff who are familiar with processing methods to further enhance its deliciousness.

The "critical extraction method using carbon dioxide" used by domestically processed decaf is currently the newest method, but because the process is difficult and expensive, only a small number of decaf products still in circulation use this method. is.
This technology achieves 99.9% decaffeination.