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SUCRE BLEND / Liquid Coffee & DECAF, which uses specialty coffee, is a recommended gift that you can drink quickly on busy days or hot days.It is a coffee that can be drunk not only iced but also warmed and hot, and has a taste that can be enjoyed all year round. Masu. We also have sets of 2, 3, and 4 pieces.

LIQUID COFFEE Myoju Zaite / Myojutanagokoro 1,000ml
Roasted to Italian roast. By purposely extracting at a low temperature, you can feel the bitterness but also the crisp sweetness.

LIQUID DECAF Water QUID DECAF / Water 1,000ml
Roasted to French roast. From the first bite to the last, you can feel the sweetness of fruit chocolate. Although it is decaf, the coffee has a deep richness and flavor, and a rich aroma.

"Set of 2" Myoju Zaite x 1, Mizukyu Furyugetsu x 1

"Set of 3" Myoju Zaite x 2, Mizukyu Furyugetsu x 1

"Set of 4" Myoju Zaite x 2, Mizukyu Furyugetsu x 2

Reasons why we can recommend it with confidence

■ “Specialty coffee”, coffee beans with a specialized taste

■Various ways to drink it We recommend not only chilling it to make iced coffee, but also heating it up to make hot coffee!