Organic Karuizawa Roastery JAS Organic East Timor Kokamau 100g


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We made it into a French roast to take advantage of the firm body that is characteristic of East Timor. The sweetness and richness of dark chocolate and roasted nuts. You will feel it more as it cools down.

black chocolate, roasted almonds, brown sugar

◆Roasting degree
french roast

◆Balance of taste
scent 3
sourness 1
sweetness 3
bitterness 4
Rich 3

Not only are we conducting Fair Trade transactions, but we are also supporting rural villages and the people involved in them.

◆JAS Organic

Obtained JAS organic production process manager and organic product subdivider certification in 2020. Organic coffee (organic coffee) has acquired JAS organic certification in all processes from the coffee farm and is managed under an integrated system. This is not only safe because it does not use pesticides, but also sustainable for farms and people, and is an important initiative that leads to SDGs.

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