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FREQUENT FLYER Frequent flyer pilot backpack

Products published in Shogakukan DIME magazine May 2023 issue

◆P.61 Featured on ``A business backpack that can be used for commuting by train, commuting by bicycle, or for business trips will improve your mobility and performance with a business backpack tailored to your cargo capacity.''

P.96 “Taipa explodes with mobility that is one step ahead! Business backpack with spring techniques” featured feature

A backpack that can be opened and closed with a ZIP AROUND style.
The design becomes a single piece of cloth when the zipper is opened.
When not in use, it can be folded compactly to reduce storage space.
It uses a design that is easy to use every day, and can be matched with any outfit.

Size: Approximately H40 x W27(23) x D16.5cm
Weight: approx. 550g
Material: Polyester Specifications: Zipper opening/closing, outside = zipper pocket/covered hook-and-loop pocket x 2 each, inside = open pocket x 3
made in china

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