Italian leather men's belt 30mm width STAMERRA


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STAMERRA Italian reversible belt.

Producing high quality leather belts from the best Italian leather since 1985.

This belt is 100% made in Italy, and we undertake production not only from Italy but also from top brands around the world.

We have received the "100% MADE IN ITALY" guarantee issued by the Italian Ministry of Economy and Trade, which guarantees that our products are "100% Italian-made and responsibly produced by Italians."

The leather surface is printed using a special technique called ``Palmerato'', and the buckle makes it easy to adjust the size of the belt.

The materials used by STAMERRA have been carefully selected from all angles and have undergone numerous quality tests. Each piece is produced with attention to detail. We pay special attention to the edge painting and stitching of the leather edges. With over 20 years of know-how, our belts, which are also produced by major luxury groups, undergo repeated inspections during each manufacturing process to ensure that only perfect products are delivered to our customers.

It comes in the brand's original presentation box, which can be given as a gift.

Total length: approx. 126cm

Width: approx. 3cm

Weight: 120g

Effective size: approx. 105~115cm

Number of holes: 5 holes

Buckle type: pin type

Size adjustment: possible

Material: cowhide

Country of origin: Italy

Box size: approx. 13.6 x 13.6 x 5cm

Total weight: 150g